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Volume 23 | Issue 1 | March 2023
Introducing NoldusHub

Exciting news: we released NoldusHub, the all-in-one research platform for human behavior studies. This browser-based software suite will streamline multimodal research from start to finish, collecting data from multiple devices, and synchronizing a variety of signals. Discover how high-quality data and valuable insights from NoldusHub will advance your research!

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Check out this webcam-based eye tracking

Within FaceReader Online, it is now possible to do eye tracking using a regular webcam on any computer/laptop. This increases flexibility greatly! In the White Paper about EyeReader the methodology and accuracy behind the technology is discussed. It also gives a validation example and indicates how to start using it in your own project.

How to deal with noncompliant toddlers

Saying ‘no’ is one of toddlers’ favorite pastimes. What’s the best way to get them to cooperate? Researcher Larzelere and his team studied whether modeling and collaborating would help. They observed mothers and toddlers while clearing away toys, and examined both immediate and long-term effects. Read on to learn more about their methods and results!

Measurement of infant facial expressions

At the SRCD 2023, in Salt Lake City this March, Martina Zaharieva will chair the symposium about automated methods for behavioral measurements. She will give a talk about her validation study on Baby FaceReader: the tool for automated measurements of infant affective facial expressions.

Save the date for Measuring Behavior 2024

We are pleased to announce that the 13th edition of Measuring Behavior will take place on 15 – 17 May 2024 in the beautiful Scottish city of Aberdeen. Measuring Behavior is a multi-disciplinary conference, all about the latest developments in methods, tools and techniques for measuring behavior, emotions, physiology and all related concepts in people and animals.

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