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Volume 23 | Issue 2 | June 2023
EthoVision XT 17.5, what’s new?

This years' update of EthoVision XT features some exciting integrations with third party behavioral solutions such as plug-and-play USB connection with the Ugo Basile fear conditioning chamber and easy data importing and analysis from the Live Mouse Tracker (LMT) system, a DIY solution to measure social behavior in multiple mice simultaneously.

Revolutionizing Wildlife Crime Investigation

Noldus is a proud sponsor of the Wildlife Forensic Academy. The WFA is an organization that aims to educate people on tackling wildlife crime. We spoke with WFA founder Andro Vos about their latest developments and achievements from the last year. Read the article and find out how Viso is used in combatting wildlife crime in an innovative way.

Deep Learning EVXT
Noldus and AI: superb rodent video tracking

With the rise of powerful AI tools, there has been a lot of talk about this technology. How does Noldus use AI in their products? EthoVision XT is able to detect rodent (mice and rats) body points through a trained neural network. We call this our deep learning tracking technique, and has truly evolved into the golden standard of rodent video tracking.

The latest advancements in rodent gait analysis with CatWalk XT

CatWalk XT provides researchers with powerful tools for accurate gait analysis data collection. It has been used in multiple studies on neurological disorders and in lesion models. Some benefits of this gait analysis system include letting mice walk freely, the Illuminated Footprint Technology, and a high-speed camera to capture every footstep.

PhenoTyper 2
NEW: PhenoTyper 2

Coming soon, the new and improved PhenoTyper 2! The original PhenoTyper is used in many labs all over the world and we are excited for the release of its successor. With the new modular top-unit you can customize your PhenoTyper even more. Do you want to be the first to be updated about the upcoming release? Then, click the link below!

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