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How to build an observation lab

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An observation lab is designed to allow you to observe your test participants unobtrusively, in an environment similar to your test participant’s natural surroundings. Do you want to learn more how to set up a lab? Read on!

To get off to a good start, it is best to describe the research or tests that are going to be performed in great detail. With this description it becomes clear what kind of equipment will be needed, and which physical environment would best suit this test or research. The description should answer questions such as: 

  • How many participants need to be recorded at the same time?
  • What kind of participants are observed? Realize that for children different camera positions may be needed than for adults.
  • How many people are present during the observation, besides the participant(s)?
  • Are participants being invited to visit the lab? Is on-site research going to be performed? Or both?
  • Do participants need to work at a computer, or play with toys? 

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