Free case study

Zebrafish larvae activity

CS - Willemsen


DanioVision is the complete system designed for the high throughput tracking of zebrafish larvae in multi-well plates.

DanioVision™ is an innovative new system designed for the high-throughput tracking of zebrafish larvae. Powered by EthoVision® XT, it allows for highly accurate tracking of up to 96 animals simultaneously. DanioVision gives you complete control over the experimental conditions.

  • DanioVision is interesting for anybody performing research on zebrafish larvae
  • In research areas such as drug development, safety pharmacology, behavioral genetics, and circadian rhythmicity.
  • DanioVision is also perfectly suitable for testing with other very small animals, such as insect larvae.

Download our free case study where DanioVision was used to study the effect of several doses of dopamine on locomotor activity of wild type larvae of zebrafish.