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Observational research - Dementia and robots

Posted by Annelies Verkerk on Feb 24, 2014

For people with dementia, it is very important to keep connections with the outside world. When living at home, people will often still go to the grocery store or to the hairdresser. However, when they are living in a long-term care home, the context changes greatly. Without meaningful communication, there is a high risk of social isolation and communication opportunities with friends or family members can also be further reduced.

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Robots in the spotlight

Posted by Annelies Verkerk on Feb 19, 2014

Self-driving cars, humanoid robots, pet-like autonomous robots, home robots, or social robots: robots are all around us. Would you like to know what kind of research is done is this area? Read these four blog articles to find out how and why human-robot interaction is studied by many researchers around the world!

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Robot-child interactions – helping children with autism learn skills

Posted by Annelies Verkerk on May 24, 2013

Human-Computer Interaction research may go a lot further than just evaluating an office worker interacting with a stationary computer or laptop. For example, researchers worldwide develop and evaluate robots in order to learn more about human-robot interaction, robot-robot interaction, and the roles robots can play in numerous processes taking place in our daily lives. Many years ago it all seemed too futuristic: who doesn’t know R2-D2 or C-3PO from the Star Wars movies? Now we know that the future has started.


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Human-robot interaction: Can you trust a robot?

Posted by Nico Ouwerkerk on Mar 18, 2013

How do you know if someone with whom you do business is telling the truth? When buying something from a stranger, we are trying to determine if he or she can be trusted, either consciously or unconsciously. Non-verbal behavior can often give us cues about the trustworthiness of a person.

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Human-robot interaction in remote friendships and family relations

Posted by Annelies Verkerk on Jul 18, 2012

Don’t you miss the touch of a loved-one when they are far-away? Skype and a number of other communication channels are great solutions to talk and even video chat when you are apart, but they can’t make up for the physical connection. There might be a fresh and original alternative. Since robots are becoming more and more common, and technology is improving rapidly, researchers are now looking into the possibilities of using robots as social mediators to enhance remote communication between people.

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Topics: The Observer XT, coding schemes, robotics

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