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Who is the best product representative?

Posted by Guest blogger on Mar 17, 2016

This week we have a guest blog post from Dr. Lora Becker. She is Director of the Neuroscience Program at the University of Evansville. Her primary research activity seeks to understand human and animal emotions. Thank you Lora for the knowledge and enthusiasm you share in this blog!

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Topics: FaceReader, facial expression analysis, emotions, Resting Bitch Face

Play with Emotions

Posted by Annelies Verkerk on Feb 18, 2016

Give us a chance to make you smile! Play with Emotions.

In market research, measuring emotions is becoming more and more popular. Now is your chance to incorporate emotion analysis in your market research. And, to play a game!

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Topics: emotion recognition, FaceReader, facial expression analysis, consumer behavior, emotions, RBF, Resting Bitch Face

Throwing Shade: The Science of Resting Bitch Face

Posted by Jason Rogers, Ph.D. & Abbe Macbeth, Ph.D. on Oct 14, 2015

We all know the face. No, not just the face, but that face. That look that she swears is not a look. She says she’s not angry; she reassures you she’s having fun. But her face has been “throwing shade” all night – without saying anything, that face is indicating that she is not happy; more than not happy, she’s about to make your night miserable too. There are plenty of memes, jokes, and videos, much like this one, which make light of that face, which in 2015 has become better known as “Resting B---- Face” (RBF).

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Topics: social behavior research, emotion recognition, FaceReader, facial expression analysis, emotions, measuring behavior, RBF, Resting Bitch Face

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