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How wild cavies and domesticated guinea pigs differ

Posted by G. Smit on Aug 5, 2014

Domestication has a considerable effect on the behavior of animals, which is not very surprising. The dramatic change in their environment and provision of food and shelter alter the need for behaviors such as exploration and social behaviors. But what exactly is the difference?

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Why guinea pigs are just like us

Posted by G. Smit on Feb 8, 2014

If zebrafish are the new mice, guinea pigs might be the new rats. According to Kiera-Nicole Lee and her colleagues, guinea pigs differ from mice and rats, and that just might make them more suitable for some neuroscience research due to the fact that these results are more easily translated to humans.

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Topics: EthoVision XT, Video tracking, animal behavior research, home cage, circadian rhytmicity, guinea pigs

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