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Beating diabetes - knowledge is the key

Posted by Annelies Verkerk on Nov 9, 2015

The World Diabetes Day 2015 campaign was officially launched during the World Health Assembly in Geneva last May. World Diabetes Day 2015, 14 November, focuses on healthy eating.

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) will release the Diabetes Atlas Seventh Edition on Thursday 12 November. Find out more about diabetes in 2015 at

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How memory loss caused by diabetes was prevented in transgenic mice

Posted by G. Smit on Feb 13, 2014

Did you know that Alzheimer’s and diabetes are linked? Patients with diabetes have an increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and patients with AD show impaired insulin function and glucose metabolism. The tau protein might be one of the connecting factors. This protein, found in neurons, can get hyperphosphorylated, causing it to tangle and ‘clog up’ the neuron - one of the pathological hallmarks of AD.

Investigating tau as the possible link between AD and diabetes
Serena Abbondante and her colleagues (The American Journal of Pathology, 2014) investigated the protein tau as a possible link between the two diseases, because according to them, recent evidence from animal models of diabetes shows that impaired insulin signaling causes tau hyperphosphorylation.

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Diabetes – interaction between patients can help

Posted by Annelies Verkerk on Nov 29, 2013

For many years, researchers have studied the causes of diabetes. These researchers are trying to find the best treatments. Why? The number of people with diabetes worldwide has increased from 153 million in 1980 to 347 million in 2008 [1]. With this in mind, the WHO aims to provide scientific guidelines for diabetes prevention, develop norms and standards for diabetes diagnosis and care, and build awareness on the global epidemic of diabetes [1]. World Diabetes Day is marked every year in November (the 14th) – so let’s focus on behavioral research conducted in this research field.

Child and adolescent behavior in Shared Medical Appointments

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