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Can you tell me why I liked it?

Posted by Patrick Zimmerman on Jun 23, 2015

By Patrick H. Zimmerman, PhD

I was second in line at the pay desk of a Dutch department store. The man in front of me was carrying four coffee mugs in his hands and approached the counter. As he was ready to pay for the mugs, the woman behind the counter told him: “You know you get a 50% discount on these mugs when you bring your own shopping bag?” The man had not brought his own shopping bag. He looked at the woman for a second, briskly put the mugs on the counter and snapped at the woman: “Here, you can keep them!” before scampering off.

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Topics: consumer behavior, consumer behavior research

Behavior on the inside: psychophysiology

Posted by Patrick Zimmerman on May 15, 2012

When it comes to measuring our emotional responses to food items, medical treatment, or works of art, our behavior does not always paint the whole picture. Sometimes it is difficult to put our emotional experience into words, for example, when looking at a painting in a museum. In other, more experimental situations, a test participant may be too young to verbally comment on the test situation or the participant is reluctant to show a behavioral response. That is why behavioral researchers increasingly combine behavioral observations with psychophysiological measures, including heart rate and skin conductance.

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Topics: The Observer XT, emotion recognition, methods and techniques, human behavior research, consumer behavior, physiology, Neuromarketing, heart rate monitoring

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